5 Most Popular Desserts in America

by admin on January 10, 2011

Starting a Baking Business Cheesecake

Charlene Jenkins & Jeanie Robinson

5. Cheesecake

This delicious treat hardly needs an introduction.  Although New York claims the throne as cheesecake king, there are exceptional alternatives all over the United States. Whether you like dense, creamy New York style cheesecake or something a bit lighter, it shouldn’t be hard to find a quality dessert.

4. Jell-O

Jell-O sneaks in to the list based on shear volume.  Simplicity and affordability are the key ingredients for this favorite snack of kids and senior citizens.  This marketing wonder is made possible by using the collagen from animal skins, tissues, and bones!  Jell-O comes is a spectacular success story.

Start a Bakery Apple Pie 3. Apple Pie

Applie Pie is the quintessential American dish, even though it’s not really American at all.  The U.S. can lay claim to being the first country to serve the pie ‘a la mode’ style with vanilla ice cream.  Apple pie has been around since roughly 1390 in Europe in some form, the original pies used honey instead of sugar.

2. Chocolate Cake

Kind of  like taxes, people loving chocolate will always be a way of life.  There isn’t much better than a big piece of chocolate cake and a cold glass of milk.  Cakes had been around for a long time but it was when the Spanish introduced chocolate that this treat really took off.  This is considered the most liked cake in the entire world.

Starting a Bakery Cafe Ice Cream 1. Ice Cream

It’s believed that the famous explorer Marco Polo came back from China with the idea of creating flavored ices which eventually evolved in to ice cream. Vanilla is still the most popular flavor for American with chocolate following closely behind.  Two perennial favorites among flavors would have to be Cookies n Cream and Cookie Dough, both have consistently been on the top 10 list since their introduction in 1991.

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