Baking Business Trends 2011

by admin on March 12, 2011

Meghan Good & Mark Anthony

Every year seems to bring something new to the baking business landscape.  2010 surely had to be the year of the cupcake, what will be the breakout item for 2011?  Our crack research team has been working overtime and we are now ready to predict the 3 biggest baking trends of the New Year.

Baking Business Cherry Pie#1  –  The Year of the Pie

This is kind of like the Year of the Tiger but way more delicious!  Industry experts are already pointing to the pie (especially fruit pies) as the breakout star for 2011.

Nancy Tracy puts all the dots together well in her article Behind the Food Trends: Why is Pie Suddenly Ms. Popular. It will be interesting to see if similar boutique pie shops pop up all over town like the cupcakeries.  A good option might be to sell pie by the slice with various toppings like vanilla ice cream or a warm caramel sauce.

Pies are a homey alternative to the decadence of the cupcake movement.

Baking Business Cupcake #2  –  The Cupcake Bubble has Burst

Boutique cupcakeries like Crumbs Bake Shop in New York (and Chicago too) or Sprinfles in Los Angeles took the nation by storm in 2010.  Daniel Gross of Slate Magazine does a job of discussing the cupcake bubble and how it’s about to burst.  Like everything else though, too much of a good thing can make it not so good anymore.  This is a great opportunity to research and be ready for the next big thing.  If you already have a successful cupcake business, keep it going!  Many cities have already become saturated with cupcakeries but not all of them can succeed.  This could be your opportunity to develop a reputation that will last for years to come.

Baking Business Sugar Mama's Bakeshop#3  –  The Big Chain Bust Up

Self-financed and self-built bakeries, cafes and restaurants have popped up all over America.  Think smaller (typically under 40 seats), family owned bakery cafes that have become an attractive alternative to the big chain companies.  In 2011, customers are looking for real service and hospitality to go along with that delicious scone.  Customers have returned to desiring a neighborhood feel for their bakeries and restaurants.  There continues to be a tremendous demand for homemade, non-industrial food products which you should take advantage of.


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